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Indian Dance Lessons

Indian Dance Lessons From Grace and Grooves

If you are searching for a place to take Indian dance lessons online, we have what you need.

Available Indian Dance Lessons from the Grace and Grooves Indian Dance Institute.

ALL Classes are taught separately.

We offer several types of classes that allow our students to explore Indian dance and self-expression. These include:


Our Programs 

  • Indian folk dance classes 

  • Bollywood and Tollywood dance classes

  • Bharatanatyam dance classes

  • Bollyhop Dance Lessons 

  • Hiphop Dance Lessons NEW

  • Kalaripayattu dance classes

  • Fusion dance classes

  • Marriage - Sangeet Dance classes

  • Couple dance lessons..Help us reach our goal of golden jubilee couple!!


Grace and Grooves teaches Indian dance in :

  • Plano, TX

  • Frisco, TX

  • Carrollton, TX

  • Irving, TX

  • Lewisville, TX

  • McKinney, TX

We also provide online classes for those in different areas. No matter your location, you can learn Indian dance through our elite Indian dance institute. Starting April 1st Online for DFW-Texas and July 15th : Outside DFW-Texas.

Why Learn With Grace and Grooves?

With all of the available options, you might be wondering why you should choose Grace and Grooves. Straight Background of Indian Performing Arts to unlimited creativity for educational dances. We can connect you to entertainment dancers.


Our founder and one of our teachers, Hetal Nagaraj, has won 20 awards in well respected indian dance competitions with judges/degrees in Indian Performing Arts. Her passion and skills have been passed down to her students as many of them have also won competitions for group and solo dances alike. About her :


With the variety of classes we offer, there is something here for everyone. From slower paced to heart-pumping, every member of your family can find a class to suit their preferences, experience level, and health. NO two choreography or step ever repeats, even under 1 dance form! Fusion dance pieces are our other exquisite speciality from 1999.

Experienced Teachers

Our founder is not the only experienced teacher. Every paid teacher has been well trained and has participated in competitions as well. They all dance through out the year. Read about our part-time and full-time teachers.


Our students are provided with more than dance lessons and competitions. Some of our classes also convert into college credits and some of our students come back to teach with us. We have 3 successful scholarship students with full ride in college with our credit and course evaluations. Internships, demonstrations are other opportunties that students are offered according to their eligibility/age.

Our curriculum and programs are certified by Master Faculties from India. Students have successfully performed ALL genres of Indian Dance Lessons in competitions in India in their respected genres and still got wins with regular yearly annual recital or production show dances. You know that what you learn from us is authentic, legitimate, and recognized. Creativity at its best to unlimited opportunities under certified leadership.
Consider joining us for an online class or learning Indian dance in Plano, Frisco, Lewisville, Carrollton, Addison, or Mckinney. Curriculum - Click Here.