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Every Class Is Result Oriented & Always Fun, that's why Graduates   !!!
ALL Classes Below Are NOW Open For New Students. June 1st ALL classes resumes in person.
Online Registration Link - Coming Soon
Summer 2021 Specials :

       Internships : PAID INTERSHIPS AVAILABLE !!  Artist Management and Artist Launch Available With Full Trainings!

      Current Paid Interns for Bharatnatyam, Indian Folk, Bollywood, Hiphop & Kalaripayatttu & For Those Students Who Need Extra Help : 

  1. Nirja Setty - National Level, USA since 2014

  2. Samarth Setty - National Level, USA since 2015

  3. Ashna Pethe - National Level USA since 2017.

   Couple / Marriage Dance Lessons :

  •     44 + Dance-Pairs / Couples / Marriage packages / Father Daughter / Mother-Son or Family are benefitted from our lessons for their special occasions/marriage packages. Pics Coming Soon!

  • Help us mark to 50 !!


   Volunteer & Learn :

Those seeking volunteer dance assignments or in lieu of services rendered are welcome to contact directly 972 979 2559.

     About Grace And Grooves Group by Hetal Nagaraj    |   Our Owners' Own Website and List of Specializations :    

11th year of making a history with registered dance business/work/passion & quality education/instructions from 1999 :

Grace And Grooves Student And Class - Accomplishments :

  • With Grace And Grooves physical locations(exclusively with Hetal Nagaraj itself ) Our students are celebrating their 250th, 450th hour Bollywood, 350th or 400th hour in Indian Folk Dances (once week), 150th hour in Kalaripayattu, for some the journey has began and are about to touch their 100th hour & some at 500th hour in Bharatanatyam(some twice week) & the history continues. A lot of these have achieved their national level in performing arts!

  • That is just our own owner's Hetal contribution and capacity with results + Choreographers teach.

Graduate Students : Hetal Nagaraj has 100s of Graduates just in USA and has instructed / taught 2500+ students all over in India and USA by 2020 March with curriculam & by genre.

Workshop Students : Hetal Nagaraj has given workshops to 50 to 2000 students - at a time, in DFW-Texas, USA in Indian Folk, Festival Folk Dances, Bharatanatyam Introduction, Fusion Classical Dances Work, Yoga & Dance Projects, Kalari & Bharatanatyam, Chau & Bharatanatyam, Kalari & Bollywood/Tollywood as well as Bollywood/Tollywood in DFW areas of North Texas.

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