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Pre-Elementary Kathak:

No previous training of any dances.

Emphasis is on all classical movements and build strong Kathak foundations. Must do trial class.

Focus is on the grammar of Kathak - Precisely, 'tatkar' (basic footwork)  'chakkars'(pirouettes) and torso movements. Introduction to Teentaal.

Age: irrelevant.  


Kathak 1 :

Focus is on teaching precise 10 small combinations of basic Kathak exercises composed in the form of 10 'tukdas' (tukda - a piece composed In a set time cycle) and more complex versions of footwork alongside the Riyaaz of the Basics. 

Age : Irrelevant. Must do trial class. 

Annual Recitals/Programs As Ready.


Kathak 2 :

The level consists of the regular revision of the previous 10 combination exercises, the basics.

Introduction to 'Natwaris and more Advanced Tukdas (more complex versions of combinations wherein the students are introduced to new Kathak vocab)
Introduction to 'Tihais' (simple compositions of footwork divided into 1/3rd of a time cycle and repeated thrice)
Introduction to 'Baant' (A concept of footwork wherein there is one lyrical phrase set to a time cycle and unfolded into variations of the same respective bols)

Age : Irrelevant. Must do trial class.

Dance Productions, Annual Recitals As Ready.


Kathak 3 :

The level comprises of faster tempo (Madhya Laya) compositions in the form of 'Parans' (dynamic compositions which include the syllables of the Pakhawaj percussion and the Tabla)

Introduction to 'Aamad' (variations of slow, and more poised compositions which are signified through the specific syllables of 'taa thai tat' in a set time cycle) 

Newer 'Tihais' and 'Baants' in faster tempo 

Age : Irrelevant. Must do trial class.

Dance Productions, Annual Recitals As Ready.


Advance Kathak 1:

Introduction to Gat-Nikas ('gat' or 'gait' -  variant abstract and graceful mannerisms of walks/chaalas in rhythmic, lyrical set time cycle) 

Learning of the aspect of 'Thaat' (intricate small compositions which teach variations of building a poised stance in a set time cycle)

Age : Irrelevant. Must do trial class. 

Dance Productions, Annual Recitals As Ready.


Advance Kathak 2 : 

The level comprises of combination routines/tukdas in 'Drut Laya'(fastest tempo) 

Introduction to the concept of 'Upaj' ( a concept of footwork which must come spontaneous to the dancer testing his/her musical and rhythmic sense)
The level also focuses the most on the slowest speed (as it takes several years to gain good balance to learn the Ati-Vilambit Laya (slowest tempo) 

Age : Irrelevant. Must do trial class.



Students wanting to do regular shows and dance productions.

Dance Productions, Annual Recitals As Ready.

Transferred Students : 

Must do practical/Trial class to check any/above level.

Age : Irrelevant. Students are not required to start all over again.


Dance Productions, Annual Recitals As Ready.

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