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Her Dance Specialities : Click Here.

This space is not enough for her qualifications, certifications, experience, specialities! 

Jinal Shah Mehta  Born in Australia and raised in London and from 2003 in Kansas! Jinal got connected to Ms. Hetal via Star TV network project first time in India and since then all the social media and blog management that you see today was initially planned & setup by Ms. Jaimini Raval/Vyas(USA, Dubai/UAE & India) and Ms. Jinal's company(USA, UAE, UK, Australia, India). It was coincidence that Ms. Jinal's mom joined Ms. Hetal for indian folk dances in Kansas, USA as well. When Ms. Jinal moved to Dallas, Texas, she discovered Ms. Hetal is in DFW, Texas and is one of her clients. Jinal is former owner of Reachh Mediaa Since 2013. Ms. Hetal took Reachh Mediaa few years ago to save it from litigation. Jinal is a Master in Media & Mass Communications w/Journalism that fits 8 brands of our company. Jinal is currently doing her PHD. Jinal is 2nd generation of Ms. Hetal & Darpana Academy performing arts' graduates'. The entire family is well-known to Ms. Hetal because of performing arts & mainstream media associations with regular exchange of services between family members & companies for more than 2 decades as of 2023! Jinal's own family/kids are also in various dance-trainings with Ms. Hetal.
From Jan 15, 2023 Ms. Jinal took over all the media and communications of Ms. Hetal. Jinal is citizen working in security field as well.

Qualifications & Certifications :
Masters of Computer Applications Degree from Gujarat Technological University (3+3)

Certification in Predictive Analytics : University of California

UX Immersive Designe Trac, Thinkful.

Experiences & Specializations :
Ms. Dave is amongst Ms. Hetal's batch of IT interns in her partnering IT company. She got her hands-onn intern trainings for simple online applications to complex non-dance related technical matters to apply her degree knowledge in practical world.

She started her consultations with Ms. Hetal when she was in USA few years back in 2018 and then moved to Australia and then again moved back to USA. She then started her PAID internships from June 2019 directly under Ms. Hetal.

From January 2020, she is an independent consultant at Anantha Information System which is also one of our service providers from few years now. She travels to Dallas, as required. 

She hails from Ms. Hetal's own family and will be taking care of non-dance / IT related backup managerial activities for Ms. Hetal.

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