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Qualifications & Certifications :
Masters of Computer Applications Degree from Gujarat Technological University (3+3)

Certification in Predictive Analytics : University of California

UX Immersive Designe Trac, Thinkful.

Experiences & Specializations :
Ms. Dave is amongst Ms. Hetal's batch of IT interns in her partnering IT company. She got her hands-onn intern trainings for simple online applications to complex non-dance related technical matters to apply her degree knowledge in practical world.

She started her consultations with Ms. Hetal when she was in USA few years back and then moved to Australia and then again moved back to USA. She then started her PAID internships from June 2019 directly under Ms. Hetal.

From January 2020, she is an independent consultant at Anantha Information System which is also one of our service providers from few years now. She travels to Dallas, as required. 

She hails from Ms. Hetal's own family and will be taking care of non-dance related managerial activities for Ms. Hetal.

Qualifications :

Ms. Taylor received her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology Exercise Science with Dance (Performing Arts) from University of Texas. Her other specializations include injury prevention, fitness and wellness, nutritional wellness, as well as being a Certified Exercise Physiologist with the ACSM. 


Experiences :

Ms. Taylor has experience of teaching in various age & level wise dance classes for her internships at university and educational affiliates to graduate in her genres and performing arts subjects. She specializes in performing arts and every responsibility under it. Private institutes that she has taught are churches, dance students looking for credits, elementary schools and Joanns recreational dance lessons for small kids at recreation centers. She also offers pre-competitive and competitive dance lessons to her own teachers and dance affiliates.


Ms. Taylor had cleared dance auditions & interviews in March 2020 itself to join as instructor from August onwards. Later when managerial position opened, she applied again & got in as manager too. 

As we know, Ms. Hetal Nagaraj has been a service provider for dance purposes for over a decade now to several universities, colleges, educational accredited organizers, govt. organizations, schools, private schools and various cultural organizers as solo-artist for workshops, lecture demonstrations in folk, and performances (at least 5minute each) in Bollywood, Classical(Bharatanatyam, Kalaripayattu, Chau) and Semi-Classical Dances. 

World became a small place! Ms. Hetal saw her supervisors' name in Ms. Taylor's supervisors recommendations; when she applied for choreographer and then later as manager for dance services.

Ms. Taylor will be taking care of all the administrative managerial services related to dance due to her specialization & education and is under transition. She will also teach her specialities.

Dance Specializations :

Hiphop, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Drill Team, Cheer, Tap, Lyrical, Exercises, Fitness, Injury Prevention, Dance Musicals at recreational to competition level. 

2012 to 2020

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