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Texas All Star Talents Program

  • TexasAllStarTalents

Texas All Star Talents was intitally set up as artist management program in 2015-2016 like Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 is today  for everybody (background not even required). It was inspired from Hetal's own C.R.Y-India(Child Rights & You) & Help-Age India Fundraisers in Ahmedabad, India. This was combined program that included promoting those artists who don't remember which training they took when they were very young or those who are gifted & needed help. It was also to give platform to those artist who are just entering this field of performing arts or in DFW-Texas, USA and boost their moral by giving them audience of Grace And Grooves Group of Dance Companies. About 6 artists took benefit of this program in & performed in various years under hetal, in 2015. They are still in our networks. This was announced because of absolutely straight background/year by year of Hetal Nagaraj Dance.

Ms. Hetal( has skills to set the level by techniques because of her year by year schooling in performing arts with mainstream education. We love all kinds of enthusiasts and those who want to learn. Email at

Project was launched in 2015-2016 separately and when Ms.Hetal took over @reachh mediaa, it was clear, which artist will go under which program & still not be in direct company activities. All under hetalnagaraj’s leadership, direction, production and with our performing teams with Hetal Nagaraj. Initial Coordinator (2 years) for this project was our own Ms. Deepthi Chandrasekaran and then it was with Hetal's own staff.


For those who don't know Texas All Star Talents was taken over completely by Ms. Hetal in 2016. Under the leadership of Hetal Nagaraj Dance | hetalnagaraj | Hetal Nagaraj, we are about to hit a good number of 50 performing artists!  These artists have come to stages of Grace And Grooves Group of Dance Companies & performed in shows of Hetal Nagaraj Dance with special invite (not as part of company choreographers).

From middle-high school students, students persuing performing arts, students in theater, students in music, carnatic singers, solo dancers or just any recreational groups dancing once a year or making their first steps to this creative world to many more!

Internship Programs :

Various internship programs are offered under this program under Ms. Hetal and her leadership. The purpose then changed to showcase not only hidden talents of DFW, Texas but there are artists who need the experience of what production dances are and everything that goes behind the scenes !!!

Non-Profit Programs :

Internships such as Earn While You Learn Program are offered as part of Giving Back / Non-Profit Programs  where gifted or dance-enthusiasts are taught and given various internships as part of this program, by genre in order to help them allign to level by level artists trainings & names of skills/techniques. 

While Trained Artists with straight background are offered their internships through our Reachh Mediaa Talents Programs where it is required that you have a valid degree or level by level training by genre or as per your speciality.

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