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Bharatanatyam Dance Lessons

8 Ways Bharatanatyam Dance Lessons Can Improve the Body and Mind

If you have been looking for an excuse to take online Indian dance classes, we can give you eight. While the benefits can vary greatly, the following are eight ways that Bharatanatyam dance lessons improve your mind and body.

1. Improve Flexibility and Range of Motion
Bharatanatyam dance lessons involve a lot of yoga-like poses, so the lessons provide yoga-like benefits. These include increased flexibility, range of motion, and balancing ability. As you move through the dance movements, you are stretching muscles that are not typically stretched on a regular basis.

2. Increase Endurance
Dance involves hours of practice and repeating the same movements over and over again for a dance set. This increases the dancer’s stamina and endurance, which can greatly benefit you in your everyday life.

3. Weight Loss or Management
Dance in general involves the continual movement of the body. During practices and performances, the dancers are getting a full-body cardio workout. Therefore, taking online Indian dance classes is an excellent way to lose or manage your weight.

4. Boost Blood Circulation and Oxygen Supply
Any time your entire body is being used, more of your blood vessels dilate which means more blood flows through your body. Blood flow can affect several parts of the body, including the heart and other vital organs, and the brain as well as how much oxygen goes to each of these parts.

5. Improve Posture
As your body is moving, your muscles are strengthening. Muscles in the back help to hold the spine in its proper place. The stretching that goes on during Bharatanatyam movements helps to keep any tension out of those muscles, keeping undue stress off your joints. All of this improves your posture.

6. Activates and Stimulates Parts of the Brain

Dance impacts the following parts of the brain:

Motor Cortex- Part of the brain that affects our ability to learn new movements

Cortical Regions- Other cortical regions that are responsible for interpreting sensory information

Hippocampus- Where short term memories are transferred to long term memories

Cerebellum- Responsible for facilitating coordination and refine motor control

7. Release Hormones
Activating the pituitary gland stimulates the release of hormones including endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. The release of these hormones can improve one’s mood, energy, sleep patterns, and more.

8. Improve Concentration
As dance activates the hippocampus, a dancer has a strong memory. He or she is able to recall facts and information easier than many other people. Stimulation of the hippocampus not only helps memory right now but can also help prevent some mental challenges, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Joining online Indian dance classes, such as our Indian dance on Zoom, can make you a happier, healthier, and even more intelligent person. Sign up today to start experiencing the benefits.

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