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Other Services
  • Bring Your Own Group For Bharatnatyam, Indian Folk Dances And Bollywood
  • Prop And Costume Rentals
  • Exclusive Stage Decor Props Rental
  • Sangeet & Mehdi Dances : To Learn & To Perform.
  • Marriage-Couple Dances
  • Backstage Decor, Theater/Set, Commercial and By Genre
  • Corporate Dance Events & Workshops
  • Festival Dance Packages,
  • Mancha Pravesham Decors/Arangetram Decors Design and Actual ordering.(without ordering designs available).
  • Mancha Pravesham Make up & Costume.
  • Fundraisers Events(Paid) & Concert Inaugurations 
  • Professional Stage Dance Performances/Competitions - Freelance
  • Product and Service Launch for other businesses with our Grace Effects And Reachh Mediaa Teams.
we don't do marrige/domestic decor events..only mainstream, institutional, professional and commercial performing arts events

 Our record breaking success in all of above :

  1. More than 6 sets (stage sets with props) designed and sold in mainstream stage performances.

    • Pics : Work In Progress.

  2. More than 20 corporate events with more than 500 people minimum! some posted here.

  3. More than 150 packages for festival programs sold till date exclusively by hetal nagaraj. 153rd w/company :)

  4. More than 10 dance schools : costumes and props custom designed and sold to with min 24 costumes w/props.

    • Catalog in progress.

  5. 3 arangetram start to finish decor and makeup/costume with/full stage set by theme and concept other than our own arangetrams and programs at grace and grooves!

    • pics in progress.

  6. Our fundraisers listed here. Contact us, we will love to do it for you!

  7. Our other stats and recording breaking success under Hetal Nagaraj.

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