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Dance on this page is always in progress....And here is where our drama is !

Graduates Of Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj + A Few Company Grads

Students who have fully completed their trainings with us in dance programs or strictly by exams. 

Year mentioned is year of completion or winning a non-voting indian dance competition in 1st 3 prizes or clear our exams with full theory.

Meet Our National Level Students by Genre : Samarth Setty, Nirja Setty, Ashna Pethe, Aahana M,  Puja Natesan


Those who have completed their full Bharatanatyam Margam back to back(2-3 hours) in one or more shows exclusively with Grace And Grooves LLC or with Hetal Nagaraj or any other teachers of Grace And Grooves. They may do Solo Arangetram, if they wish to do it. 

Open to public :

Indian Folk Dances

Those who have completed a full program on types of indian folk dances per state or region with at-least 2 or more styles in each indian folk dance form with/without props from recreational programs to competitions with full theory and all year round dance lessons.

Open to public :

Tollywood / Filmy Dances

Those who have completed all our requirements and successfully performed all our levels of Bollywood, Tollywood/Indian Movie Dances.. 

Open to public :

All Teaching, Classes, Techniques, Curriculam & Lesson Plans, Teacher, Choreography,  Costumes, Direction, Production, Lights, Theme, Stage-Setup, Ownership By Hetal Nagaraj unless otherwise mentioned. 
All Programs are seperate and individually taught. Seperate signups are required | 
​(list of skills is given!)

Yearly programs on regular basis with graduates in each, by genre : 

  1. Regular Monthly Programs Once a week regular class programs. Graduates - Coming Soon.

  2. 40 Hr Holidays Workshops by Genre 

  3. 100 Hr Diploma Course Grads by Genre

  4. Texas All Star Talent Graduates by Genre

  5. Bharatanatyam Certification Course : Students of other teachers in DFW, Texas, USA ​

  6. Creative Bharatanatyam Program Grads.

  7. Model Training - Institutional | Educational | Commercial | Professional ​​​​​

  8. Mommy & Me Graduates Dances ​

  9. External Education/Refreshers Students : Masters Program Only (Dance)

  10. 25 Hour - Dance Crash Course Program FOR INTERMEDIATES & UP

  11.  Bootcamps & Workshops - Courses By Our Company 

  12. Theater/Theatre/Drama Graduates ​

  13. Dance Drama Graduates :  By Hetal Nagaraj unless otherwise mentioned. (Not Dance Musicals).

  14. ​International Teachers Training Intensive (For Teachers, Educators, Dance Instructors or Interns from other Institutes

  15. 12 to 16 Hour Exclusive Indian Folk Dance Workshops Students (includes lok nruthya/community or festival folk): ​

  16. ​12 to16 Hour Exclusive Bollywood Workshops Students: - once a week​

  17. Summer Programs ( May-Sept once a week class with all major holidays)

  18. Weekly Holiday Camps - Work in progress.​​

  19. 12 hours Exclusive Bharatanatyam Workshops

  20. 10 hours Exclusive Kathak-Basics-Beginners Only workshops

  21. 4 hours Exclusive Festival / Community Indian Folk Dance (Lok Nruthya) Younger than 18 years

  22. 2 hours Exclusive Festival / Community Indian Folk Dance (Lok Nruthya) 18 + & Adults

  23. Sound, Mcee, Music Ages 10+ Only.

  24. Exclusive G2 Dance Factory Arlington, Graduates.

  25. Photography Videography Graduates For The Grace Effects 

  26. 52 Hr (1 hr once a week) Program Graduates By Genre - Coming Soon!

  27. 72 Hr (1.5 hr once a week) Program Graduates by Genre - Coming Soon!

 Projects before 2013 Coming Soon! External Workshop Activities : Click Here.

**Bharatanatyam :

Other students or interns or teachers who have completed their entire margam or main items of Bharatanatyam margams in different programs for us are : Hetal Nagaraj, Nirja Setty(from 2013), Samarth Setty(2015), Tejaswini K(2019). They perform regularly in any or all of the margam items in productions as required.

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