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Our Graduates :

Students who have fully completed their trainings with us in their respective dance programs. They continue to pursue advance trainings with us.

Dance on this page is always in progress....


Those who have completed their full Bharatanatyam Margam back to back(2-3 hours) in one or more shows exclusively with Grace And Grooves LLC or with Hetal Nagaraj or any other teachers of Grace And Grooves. They may do Solo Arangetram, if they wish to do it. 

Indian Folk Dances

Those who have completed a full program on types of indian folk dances per state or region with at-least 2 or more styles in each indian folk dance form with/without props from recreational programs to competitions with full theory and all year round dance lessons. 

  • Gujarat Folk Dances(ALL) by Hetal Nagaraj :

    • Nirja Setty(2016), Ashna Pethe(2018), Samarth Setty(2018).

  • Rajasthan Folk Dances(ALL) by Hetal Nagaraj:

    • Srinija Burra(2016) 2 Folk Dances, Nirja Setty(2017, 2019) 4 Folk Dances, Ashna Pethe (2019, 2 Folk Dances)

  • Maharashtra Folk Dances(ALL) by Hetal Nagaraj :

    • Nirja Setty(2018) 4 Folk Dances, Ashna Pethe(2018) 2 Folk Dances, Srinija Burra(2016) 3 Folk Dances.

  • Punjab Folk Dances by Hetal Nagaraj(ALL) :

    • Srinija Burra(2015), 2 Folk Dances, Nirja Setty (2019), 4 Folk Dance, Ashna Pethe (2019), 2 Folk Dances

  • Assam Folk Dances by Hetal Nagaraj(ALL):​

    • Nirja Setty (2016), Srinija Burra (2016), 1 Folk Dance

  • Manipur Folk Dances by Hetal Nagaraj(ALL):​

    •  Nirja Setty(2019) 2 Folk Dances , Ashna Pethe (2019) 1 Folk Dance


Tollywood / Filmy Dances

Those who have completed all our requirements and succesfully performed all our levels of Bollywood, Tollywood/Indian Movie Dances.. 

  • Sindhu Jampala (2017-2018) By Hetal Nagaraj, Deepthi Chandrasekaran.

  • Nirja Setty(2018) By Hetal Nagaraj

  • Ashna Pethe(2018) By Hetal Nagaraj. Asst. Mansi Chauhan.

  • Samarth Setty (2019) By Hetal Nagaraj

 International Teachers Training Intensive (For Teachers, Educators, Dance Instructors or Interns from other Institutes)

  • Guedy Galeed Luna Olivera for Indian Folk Dances (From Mexico)

    • (Ghoommar and Styles w/theory, Gidda & Styles w/theory, Stage Preps w/theory, Diff & Corrections for Garbha, Dodhiyu (festival folk/lok nruthya) & techniques w/theory)

12 Hour Exclusive Indian Folk Dance Workshops Students (includes lok nruthya/community or festival folk):

Garba-Dandiya : Simran Mehta, Samarth Setty, Nirja Setty, Tanvi Bhatt, Tanushri Bhatt, Srinija Burra,  More Names...Coming Soon!

 Exclusive Festival / Community Indian Folk Dance (Lok Nruthya) Students : 2 hours.

     Padmini Hundy, Kalpana Narayanan, Deepa Billanuka, More Names...Coming Soon!

**Bharatanatyam :

Other students or interns or teachers who have completed their entire margam or main items of Bharatanatyam margams in different programs for us are : Hetal Nagaraj, Nirja Setty, Samarth Setty, Tejaswini K, Deepthi Chandrasekaran. They perform regularly in any or all of the margam items in productions as required.

It is an Honor To Be The Only Indian Dance Institute With Straight Background Of Indian Performing Arts & Degrees.

2012 to 2020

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