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Meet Our Performing Teams & Dance Teachers 

About Ms. Hetal Nagaraj : or Click Here.
Hetal teaches year-round classes in all genres of her specialization for ages 5 yrs+ to adults and teaches about 150 students per year single handed from start to finish.

Ms. hetal plans/teaches/corrects for all the techniques/lesson plans to be used for all the hires that come from professional dance schools. Technique corrections, Techniques, creativity by genre, Injury prevention & burn-out prevention is part of the program.
Our Other Teachers For Hiphop/Bollywood From Dec 22nd 2020.

Sam/Saumya : Full Time Staff, Teacher & Leadership Intern Under Hetal Joshi M For 5 Brands at Grace And Grooves Group


Yoga Journey : 

  • 2000 performed at state level yoga competitions 

  • 2016 started professional career in yoga and trained students of schools and academy’s for further competitions.

  • 2019 Trained a student who successfully cleared Diploma in Yoga from Shree Somnath Sanskrit University. 

  • 2021 Successfully completed yoga trainer program of 100 hours conducted by Gujarat State Yoga Board. 

Dance : 

  • 2000 - 2002 - Performed in State level folk dance competitions. Won many prizes in Garba and other dances that represents different states’ cultures / festival folk dances. 

  • 2005 - Started the professional career in Bollywood Dance and theatre. Performed in many shows gracefully. 

  • 2015 - Completed the professional training in Bollywood and started the journey of Contemporary, Hip Hop and House. 

  • 2017 - Mastered & completed 3 months full training camp of House, Contemporary and Urban Hip Hop at Big Dance Centre ( BDC ), New Delhi, India. Performed in Indian Premiere League (IPL) with many Bollywood Stars.

  • 2018 - Taught more than thousand students for various inter school dance competitions from grade 1 to 11 at Father Agnel School, Noida, India. Trained students  and won many prizes for International Dance competitions, sports drills and different stage performances. Received an honour to judge Inter-school Dance Competitions.

  • 2019 - Certified as a grade A artist after completing Professional Dance Study Program at Big Dance Centre, New Delhi, India. Also, instructors included National and International Dance Teachers. 

  • 2020- Conducted workshops across Gujarat for House and Contemporary. 

Modeling & Ramp :

  • 2017 - Crowned by Mandira Bedi in Namaste India Smart Mom Ramp Walk. Trained by professionals to walk on ramp and the choreography of ramp walk.

Education :

  • 2007 : Completed Bachelor of Commerce from H.L.College College of Commerce, Gujarat University 

  • 2008 : PG Diploma in Mass Communication. A Post Graduate in Broadcast Journalism from TV Today Media Institute, New Delhi.

  • 2008-2013 : Received training of professional film and DSLR cameras and editing software such as Premiere Pro and FCP. 

Other Work Experience : 

2008-13 : Worked as Associate Producer at Aaj Tak. Write, edit and produce stories for multiple platforms, including internet and digital channels. Covered field news events like current affairs and crime stories. Wrote pieces and stories for online publications.

  • 2016 : Started working with Shutterbug Films as a Producer. 

  • 2017 - 2018 : Received a National Film Award for making a short film on Road Safety by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.​

Ms. Neethu Surendran : International since 2015


Her initial trainings started in dance from Guru Sudha Nileshwaram from the age of 4. She learned Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi
and Mohiniyattam for 12 years. She then graduated with Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma in dance from Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai/India. Later, she also graduated in BFA, MFA from Kalai Kaveri Institute of Fine Arts. In 2015-2016, she met Ms. Hetal for first time in her MFA first year on her way to Singapore to USA. World was a small place again as Ms. Neetu is former doordarshan artist too from Doordarshan-Chennai/India. For those who do not know, Ms. Hetal has been Doordarshan artist during her school/college dance days. Ms. Neetu has been examiner from 2015-2016 for Bharatanatyam Students. From Sept 2020, she started teaching post graduate/diploma students/arangetram students for advance taalam, nattavangam and other detailed pieces with Ms. Hetal. With whole list of awards from several local organizations & recognitions from several festival programs, she has achieved several feathers of her own. She has worked with NRI(s) as her first hand teaching experience for years together & she is well-aware of everything related to performing arts esp. USA.

Dance Specializations : Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam, Natavangam, Thaalam-Advance, Dance Drama Literature, Dance Musicals. More about her--coming soon!

Manoj Sir / Manojbhai

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International since 2010

Manojbhai is one of the teachers of Ms. Hetal Nagaraj for multiple dance forms and folk dance forms at Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, Ahmedabad. Often works/visit USA to work with indian & american dance schools for aerial, contemporary, kalaripayattu art forms along with folk, bharatanatyam, chhau because of his unique speciality. He is also main dancer of Darpana Academy of Performing Arts and perfected his art forms under Smt. Mallikaben Sarabhai & Smt. Lt. Mrinalini Sarabhai. He has travelled with her teams for several international tours & local dance projects. His dance programs run in some of most well-respected private schools and residency girls boarding schools where he teaches year by year each dance form. This is how Ms. Hetal learned her dances via. her own schools and thus the formal teachers/teachings other than her own family "parampara trainings" from other teachers. 

With a dozen awards from Indian & State Governments in Indian Performing Arts and Other International Dance Awards, he is regular faculty from September 2020 alongwith Hetal for all her intermediate to advance students for kalaripayattu, chhau, contemporary, & folk. ALL by curriculum as designed by Hetal. He is also part of our up-coming project for folk, bharatanatyam, contemporary, kalari with Ms.Hetal. On lighter note, Ms. Hetal attends his classes not only to supervise but to see what's new; along with her students even when she is the one who has trained them all to be eligible for Manojbhai's lessons. That adds more fun!  For our owner, Hetal, no matter how big you grow by age, you are always going to be your teacher's student, at-least for them. Manojbhai is also our judge at Texas All Star Talents for folk, bharatanatyam, and various other dance forms to recognize skilled performing arts talents in DFW Areas of North Texas. You can see his videos HERE.

 Ashna Pethe
National Level USA since 2017

With a whole list of professional trainings from 5, 10 to 12 hours in Kathak Techniques, Bharatnatyam Techniques & Abhinaya, Contemporary respectively to a full 12 hours Summer intensives in each Indian Folk Dance to a Structured Indian Folk Dance(with styles) and Bollywood(in All Languages) for full 4 years, Ashna is first student of Grace And Grooves LLC to have made it as paid performer, student of the year and many other competition awards by notable competitions in Dallas-Fortworth Areas. She has been part of several in-house signature dance and musical productions of Grace And Grooves LLC exclusively in Bollywood, Bollywood Fusion with full trainings, And Indian Folk Dances, Indian Folk Dance Fusions with Full Trainings, And Bharatnatyam 3min Shabhdam Abhinaya.  She learns/currently advance dances and teaches Recreational Bollywood Classes.

 Read More about her : Here. 

Nirja Setty
National Level, USA since 2014

With a whole list of professional trainings from 5 hours of Kathak Techniques  and 12 hours-Contemporary, An exclusive Bharatnatyam Student in 2 styles from age of 5 now, 5 Years of Classical Ballet from Ballet Academy of Texas, 5 Years of Recreational to Competitive American Tap, 1 year of Recreational Jazz, An exclusive Indian Folk Dance Student from age of 4, she is known for her flawless performances. She is Winner (prizes in $$) of several Non-Voting competitions in all the genres from Bharatnatyam(All margam items), Indian Folk Dances, Bollywood and have cleared several auditions for American Tap at competitive level. She has been part of several in-house signature dance and musical productions of Grace And Grooves LLC exclusively in Bharatnatyam, Bharatnatyam Fusions, Bollywood, Bollywood Fusion with full trainings, And Indian Folk Dances, Indian Folk Dance Fusions with Full Trainings along with Grace Creations Signature series with American Tap & Jazz. She completed her Bharatanatyam Margam training with exams in March 2020 with full theory under the guru shishya parampara of Ms. Hetal Nagaraj in Kalakshetra Style and is scheduled to showcase in Anantha-2020. Internships for Bharatanatyam beginners, Folk Beginners and NEW students who may need extra help.

Read More About Nirja Setty.

Samarth Setty
National Level, USA since 2015

With a whole list of trainings from Bollywood Hiphop for 1 year with Mansi Chauhan and Hetal Nagaraj. An interest in martial arts as form(Karate) and Indian Martial Arts (Folk Form Kshatriya Beginners, Kalaripayattu with Hetal Nagaraj) along with full trainings under strict supervision of Hetal Nagaraj for Bharatanatyam, he made to this list after a long journey. He has also taken Indian Folk Dance Trainings from Hetal Nagaraj for over 2 years. He has won many competitions in Classical Categories and selected for Bollywood competitions in auditions as well. He completed his 1st entire margam in Anantha1 Dance Production by Hetal Nagaraj in one program by dancing non-stop for straight 3 hours with all Anantha-1 Bharatanatyam Students, Teachers-Interns and Advance Dancers. He has been part of several in-house signature dances and exclusive-copyright dances as well as dance musical productions of Grace And Grooves LLC exclusively in Bharatnatyam, Bharatnatyam Fusions, Bollywood, Bollywood Fusion with full trainings, And Indian Folk Dances, Indian Folk Dance Fusions with Full Trainings along with Grace Creations Signature series as Bollywood Hip Hop dancers in 2013. Currently he is in training for Natavangum, Lasyam, Tandav and its application in Bharatanatyam. Internships for Bharatanatyam Beginners, Bollywood and Hiphop Beginners, Folk Beginners and NEW students who may need extra help. Read More About Samarth Setty.

Seasonal Teachers, Short Term Projects
Dr. Puja Natesan

Dr. Puja Natesan started her journey in Bharatanatyam at the age of 7 & finished her Arangetram in her-high school years with Smt. Asha Prem at Saint Louis Dances of India, St. Louis, Missouri. Ms. Puja is trained in Modern dance, salsa, bachata, merengue, Jazz, hiphop, Bollywood/indian film style, garba, bhangra and some international traditional dancing from New york that she applies in her Bollywood/Tollywood dances. Ms. Puja has taught independently community groups as her passion to teach & has worked as a full time choreographer in other dance company locally to Dallas-Fortworth, Texas as well.
She started her journey with Grace and Grooves in 2018 to refresh her dance skills under the guidance of Hetal Nagaraj in Kalakshetra style of Bharatanatyam & Bollywood as well as fusion dances.
She completed her Bharatanatyam education/entire Margam with full theory in Bharatanatyam with Ms. Hetal Nagaraj and was scheduled to perform on Anantha 2020 Classical Dance Production. Program is rescheduled due to corona virus.
Puja has performed on a variety of international stages in her previous commitments related to dance. In 2019, she performed in local stages such as NATS convention, Sarvaa 2019 - a bollywood dance production by Hetal Nagaraj & with Hetal Nagaraj under the guidance and works of Hetal Nagaraj for bharatanatyam, fusion & traditional bollywood folk. This was also followed by a fusion solo dance piece inspired from Sarvaa 2019 dances with her edited dance work as nritya seva in Flowermound Hindu Temple with fusion of folk, bollywood creative movement, contemporary & bharatanatyam. A family medicine physician doctor by profession & settled with her super cute family, she enjoys time with her family & friends.
Teachers trainings/teaches occassionally for smaller tasks, new students who need extra help : Bharatanatyam, Bollywood. Read More.

Sindhu Jampala

Bollywood/Tollywood/ALL Languages, Festival/Community Folk, Semi-Classical, Fusion, Classical. Trained with Grace And Grooves LLC by Hetal Nagaraj & Deepthi Chandrasekaran for over 12 hours of Bharatnatyam Techniques, Over a year of inter-mediate to advance Bollywood dances with and without fusion. Also performed in several Grace And Grooves LLC events for group and solo performances. Her other performances include a full 6 minutes of exclusive Bharatnatyam dance routine with Thillana Level Jathis and Adavus for group dances, Mor Bani Dance Musical by Hetal Nagaraj. She has been selected for several dance competitions along with Deepthi and Hetal and the launch of RG2 Productions. She is also intern-choreographer for Grace And Grooves as time permits. Performed successfully in Anantha-1 Dance Production by Hetal Nagaraj for South Indian Folk Dances. She teaches only her own daughters class.


Former choreographer of Grace And Grooves with specializations in Bharatnatyam, Semi-Classical Fusions, Modern Folk-Fusions, Bollywood Semi-Classical Styles, Lyrical, & Bollywood Folk, Traditional Bollywood. Deepthi had taken a break from dancing in year 2017 to 2018, half year and joined back in September 2018 and took break again from teaching in December 2018 itself due to commitment required to teaching. She performs for Grace And Grooves as and when available and for short term choreography dances for Performing Team and Advance students. She performed successfully a modern folk featuring south indian dances in Anantha-1 Dance Productions and Bharatanatyam Swala Jathi with Tejaswini. Available to do team dances, paid performances as time permits.

Read about her journey with Grace And Grooves.

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Guests Artists:

Guests Artists are trained for our in-house dance productions in Bollywood, Bharatanatyam, Or Indian Folk Dances or are our returning students trained or danced with full training for at least 2 or more years, as available. For dance forms, training in your dance form or style is required or must attend paid training classes if no experience. For bollywood dances (not creative movement), in-house dance lessons with your team is required depending on your expertise. You must clear audition to be eligible to take part in paid (must pay fees) or unpaid(expertise required) volunteer dance productions or signature series (event fees and costume as applicable)

Bollywood : Sreeja Reddy, Kavni Maniar, Akhil Sukavasini : Launch of Rg2(returning student), Aruna Kavatur - Program : Adi-Shakhti.
Bharatnatyam : Rashmi (12hours, did bharatanatyam in past) - Program: Adi-Shakhti
Indian Folk Dances :  Manumithra (Trained for 4 months), Special Appearance(No Dance) Pratibha Ganeshan : Anantha-1