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Career & Volunteer Opportunities

CALL NOW 972 979 2559. Send your Resume to 

We Are Hiring Choreographers In Various Specialities of Dance Forms/Styles & Movements.​  All Candidates Must Come For Auditions/Practical Interview.

Preferences will be given to candidates who exhibit qualities such as team work, go-getter, takes every opportunity to get the job done, follows company policies, takes initiatives, should be able to drive and shows interest and creativity. 

We ask all our choreographers to perform as required to keep up with their knowledge and speciality. Lot of fun perks such as our elite line of costume for choreographers, entry fees-free for choreographers, solo opportunities, free and discounted trainings, competitions for choreographers, choreography credits, free tickets, in some cases transportation from main center and many more. 

Volunteer Opportunities Must Specify or CONTACT DIRECTLY AT 972 979 2559.

It is an Honor To Be The Only Indian Dance Institute With Straight Background Of Indian Performing Arts & Degrees.

2012 to 2020

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