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Hearty Congratulations to all our students for the year 2019-2020 To March 2021 who achieved lot of achievements!
Inspite of Covid-19 & Snow Storm 2021 & Challenges, our students did it.
  Competition Awards List  
Our these students are from Locations in DFW, Texas, US
A :
Mckinney, Frisco, Irving, Plano, Lewisville, Carrollton.

Over a decade of non-stop awards in non-voting Indian Dance Competitions in Indian Folk Dances, Bharatanatyam, Bollywood/Tollywood and Fusion.


Unbeatable Record till date in entire USA , in ALL genres - Non Stop
ALL instructors FULLY Trained in ALL they Teach including our OWNER. Read About Them. ALL LOCAL..

Our Owner Hetal Nagaraj teaches about 150 students per year, by genre, separately, on her own from start to finish.

Grace And Grooves Student And Class - Accomplishments As Of Feb 2021, by hour !! :

  • At Grace And Grooves physical locations (exclusively with Hetal Nagaraj itself ), our students are celebrating their 250th, 450th hour Bollywood, 350th or 400th hour in Indian Folk Dances (once week), 150th hour in Kalaripayattu, for some the journey has began and are about to touch their 100th hour & some at 500th hour in Bharatanatyam, 1000th hour and so onn(some twice week) & the history continues. 

  • A lot of these have achieved their national level in performing arts!

  • Students with 1000+ hours of Bharatanatyam have completed their Arangetram online or in-person or LIVE.

  • Check Our Graduates

Our Diploma & Master Level Graduates.

  • That is just our own owner's Hetal contribution and capacity with results + Choreographers teach.

Grace And Grooves Group of Companies By Hetal Nagaraj's NEWS, Awards & Accomplishments :

  • Dec 2023 - Publishing News, DFW Texas, USA - TheSettys - Nirja Setty | Samarth Setty 
  • Mid 2023 - Publishing News, DFW Texas, USA - Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj. 
  • Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj's Awards, Publishing News, Publishing Award & Competition Awards are listed.
  • Sept 2021 : G2 Dance Factory was launched in Sept 2021.
  • From March 2020-Aug 2021 : Over a dozen shoots happened for the shows that got cancelled. Record breaking 8 shows were cancelled due to COVID-19 from March 2020 to August 2021 for which advance planning was done including international artists and several of our own teachers-who visit US often. They live here & travel often.
  • August 8, 2021 : Hetal Nagaraj broke her own several records and made a history in entire Performing Arts :
    1. Exclusive by genre - 3 dance productions in 1 day (Anantha Classical Dance Production, Rang Folk Dance Production & Sarva Cinematic Dance Production) featuring Bharatanatyam, Kalaripayattu-Dance, Kalaripayattu- Martial Arts, Chhau Dance & Martial Arts, Indian Folk Dances, Bollywood, Tollywood, Theater/Drama, Dance Drama by genre, Literature and Language Series by Genre, Hiphop, Indian Hiphop, Contemporary, Fashion Show by her teen groups! ​Each of her production were non-stop 2 hours. First production started at 12 noon and last one ended at 730pm. Show ended at 9pm.
    2. Longest Danceathon of straight 19 Mins featuring our pre-competition teams|national level elites - by genre.
    3. Hetal herself performed a full dance routines with/without her students in Bharatanatyam, Hiphop, Folk Dances, Contemporary, Kalaripayattu, Chhau, Fusions and Fashion Show Routines.
    4. Hetal started her first show w/her students at 19 years under her teachers. Hetal broke her own record of that too when her 18 year old's first set of students performed flawlessly - that signedup exclusively under Ashna's own name - NOT under Hetal's name :). Ashna Pethe.
    5. Otherwise, Hetal had her first intern at the age of 15(Mansi Chauhan) under Dance/Learn as Your Earn/Paid Internships - Program of Texas All Star Talents. Hetal's Graduate Samarth Setty(Age 13) had his first solo student who performed beautifully on stage. Hetal's own graduate Nirja Setty(15) had her first set of intern classes in Bharatanatyam. Her own student - a 12 year old started her sub-internships as well for those who needed help. For volunteer assignments, hetal's first direction was at DFW Temple,Irving-Texas-Intern Age was 17 for Traditional-Fashion Show Bollywood Theme.
    6. We broke our own record this time for having maximum number of LIVE Shoots during the show itself - Outdoor and Indoors as part of our own show on August 8, 2021.
    7. Theater Series Part 2 went LIVE on stage with full dialogues, acting, music/sound and light effects under Hetal.
    8. We broke our own record of having several virtual students - who went on stage as is with full costumes and routines!
    9. Record Breaking 300 people visited as running audience that were our dance school parents-just her own students' strength. Outsiders were strictly prohibited this time due to Covid.
  • June 2021 : NEW : Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Nagaraj featured in India Today in THE IMPACT for her International Award in the list of inspiring entrepreneurs in business & performing arts.
  • May 2021 : NEW : Congratulations to Hetal Nagaraj on nominations & being selected for International Award in the list of inspiring enterpreneurs in business and performing arts in month of May. Country-India, Award Media Location/Hyderabad. Award Announcement & Release: June 2021. See Above.
  • April-May 2021: NEW : Congratulations to Nirja Setty, Samarth Setty & Aahana on getting their international awards nominations cleared. Awards were declared in May 24th week of 2021 & will be shipped to their address. More details - here. Country-India, Award Media Location-Mumbai.
  • March 2021 : NEW : Hetal Nagaraj to receive her 3rd International Award, this time for not only dance but for leadership. Read More about it : International Women's Award for 2021 | 43:48 | Click here | Country-India, Award Media Location - Gujarat.
  • February 2021 : Congratulations To Hetal Nagaraj, Nirja Setty, Samarth Setty aka Setty Siblings and Ashna Pethe on ther international awards for bagging Solo & group Awards at international level. Read More - Here.​​​
  • January 2021 : Our very first LIVE EVENT And That too : Arangetram of Our Elite : Nirja Setty. Read About Her.
  • December 2020 : Our 2020 Year Ended With Several Achievements from Dance Competitions, Students' In-house achievements, national awards, and international awards. Read More - Here.​​​
  • December 2020 : Our very first video shoot for our dancers who wanted to have videos for themselves and for various event submissions as well as dance competitions! VIDEO SHOOTS FOR SHOWS AND LIVE SESSIONS BEGINS!
  • November 2020 : Dhamaal Events Moves to
  • 2020: April 1, 2020 : Our First Time Online Dance Lessons For Outside Students & NEW Enrollments encouraged. Classes Continue!
  • 2019 And Before - NEWS And Our Happenings!

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