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Hearty Congratulations to all our students for the year 2019-2020 To March 2021 who achieved lot of achievements!

Inspite of Covid-19 & Snow Storm 2021 & Challenges, our students did it.
Awards & Accomplishment List :
Our Students from Locations DFW, Texas, USA :

Mckinney, Frisco, Irving, Plano, Lewisville, Carrollton.

Over a decade of non-stop awards in non-voting Indian Dance Competitions in Indian Folk Dances, Bharatanatyam, Bollywood/Tollywood and Fusion.

11th year of making a history with registered business & quality education/instructions from 1999 :

Unbeatable Record SET  till date in entire USA , in ALL genres - Non Stop
 ALL instructors FULLY Trained in ALL they Teach including our OWNER. Read About Them. ALL LOCAL..

Our Owner Hetal Nagaraj teaches about 150 students per year, by genre, separately, on her own from start to finish.

Grace And Grooves Student And Class - Accomplishments As Of Feb 2021, by hour !! :

Graduate Students : Hetal Nagaraj has 100s of Graduates just in USA and has instructed / taught 2500+ students all over in India and USA by 2020 March with curriculam & by genre.

Workshop Students : 

Hetal Nagaraj has given workshops to 50 to 2000 students - at a time, in DFW-Texas, USA in Indian Folk, Festival Folk Dances, Bharatanatyam Introduction, Fusion Classical Dances Work, Yoga & Dance Projects, Kalari & Bharatanatyam, Chau & Bharatanatyam, Kalari & Bollywood/Tollywood as well as Bollywood/Tollywood in DFW areas of North Texas Areas of USA.

Grace And Grooves Group By Hetal Nagaraj's NEWS :

  • May 2021 : NEW : Congratulations to Hetal Nagaraj on nominations & being selected for International Award in the list of inspiring enterpreneurs in business and performing arts in month of May. Country-India, Award Media Location/Hyderabad. Award Announcement & Release: June 2021.
  • April-May 2021: NEW : Congratulations to Nirja Setty, Samarth Setty & Aahana on getting their international awards nominations cleared. Awards were declared in May 24th week of 2021 & will be shipped to their address. More details - here. Country-India, Award Media Location-Mumbai.
  • March 2021 : NEW : Hetal Nagaraj to receive her 3rd International Award, this time for not only dance but for leadership. Read More about it : International Women's Award for 2021 | 43:48 | Click here | Country-India, Award Media Location - Gujarat.
  • February 2021 : Congratulations To Hetal Nagaraj, Nirja Setty, Samarth Setty aka Setty Siblings and Ashna Pethe on ther international awards for bagging Solo & group Awards at international level. Read More - Here.​​​
  • January 2021 : Our very first LIVE EVENT And That too : Arangetram of Our Elite : Nirja Setty. Read About Her.
  • December 2020 : Our 2020 Year Ended With Several Achievements from Dance Competitions, Students' In-house achievements, national awards, and international awards. Read More - Here.​​​
  • December 2020 : Our very first video shoot for our dancers who wanted to have videos for themselves and for various event submissions as well as dance competitions! VIDEO SHOOTS FOR SHOWS AND LIVE SESSIONS BEGINS!
  • November 2020 : Dhamaal Events Moves to
  • 2020: April 1, 2020 : Our First Time Online Lessons For Outside Students & NEW Enrollments encouraged. Classes Continue!
  • 2019 : First set of our graduates were launched as professional artist in Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances, Filmy Dances (Bolly/Tolly/Kollywood) in our various dance productions. - Click Here.
  • 2019 September : Grace And Grooves Successfully Completed 10 YEARS OF NON-STOP 1st 3 PRIZES IN Dance Competitions From Bollywood, Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances & Fusions for ALL AGE GROUPS FROM AGE 5 yrs to Teens and Adults. (Non Voting Competitions).

  • 2019 : 2 of our students received scholarships with full ride. Mini, and Shweta. Congratulations. This makes total of 3 students so far who took that path.
  • 2019 : Grace And Grooves Opens its doors to stay at home or working parents to apply for our performing teams, paid events and morning hour trainings.
  • 2019 : International Dancers visit Grace And Grooves LLC to take Indian Folk Dance Trainings for master technique workshops & corrections in Indian Folk Dances with full theory. 
  • 2019 : Grace And Grooves Announces it's first annual show(Not dance production) March 28,2020, Saturday @  12 to 2pm.
    • Venue : Plano Courtyard Theater, 1509 H Ave, Plano, TX 75074  ---- Postponed and later completed with Video Shoot. 
  • 2019 : Our International Artist For Navratri Garba/Dodhiya Visits us again at Dhamaal Events for Workshops Series - Click Here.

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