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The Grace Effects from 2014 - Hetal Joshi M

About The Grace Effects By Hetal Nagaraj :

How it Started - Grace Effects was started in 2014 by high school student Anm*** who was dancing under hetal nagaraj. This high school student took digital photography/videography in high school and needed right guidance for her school submissions and projects. Student was so enthusiast and  she would then apply for various advertisement competitions refining this product/service line of ours. This student Anm*** still works with Ms. Hetal on freelance.

Since then the program is running under Ms. Hetal's leadership successfully.

Till date, about 20 students of this specialization have taken Ms. hetal's guidance and mentorship in this program. At present, a few of her own elites are in this program too who have taken these courses in their education itself from schools/colleges/universities. 


 What We DoMovie/theater clips edits for projects or small movies/documentaries, short films, advertisement/commercials editing, product launches, service launches, customer and relations shoots, submissions, artist launch & preps, awards and gala, open house promos, and mixing of videos/clips/preps for interviews/ & journalism for sports/performing arts and submissions to/for commercial & educational / portfolio events.

Education/Qualifications/Experience of Hetal Nagaraj | Hetal Joshi M 

Our staff including Hetal Nagaraj specializes in this by education, qualifications & experience from 1993 & 2002 then onwards as part of their education/universities/schools or seperate certifications.

  • Hetal's middle & high school-education included 3 years of journalism, language & literature and designing portfolios for various requirements. Thus, Reachh Mediaa was converted to Artist Management when bought in 2020. Commercial writing speciality/accomplishments.

  • 1993 - Ms. Hetal's first hand introduction to advertising : MLM Marketing Intern/Agent 1993. 

  • Hetal was trained in photography, videography for product and service launch along with model trainings for commercial and industrial requirements.
  • 1996 - 2002 - Product Launches, Recording for Dramas, DVDs/memoir for stage shows, Grand Openings, Brochures/Catalogs/Designing, Introductions to Cinematography, Short documentaries (doordarshan) and other local regional level projects.
  • 2002 to 2004 : Commercial training & In-build School/College/Institute program qualified by NIFT student clubs. Textile/fabric speciality/accomplishments.

  • 2004 : Hetal owned first full set of Commercial manual SLR and started product launches working as marketing intern at companies such as Reliance Telecom and many others listed. Around this time, Hetal moved to USA. 

  • 2014 to 2021 : The Grace Effects Under Hetal Nagaraj have done 12 of these commerical projects. from this, 4 commercial projects are private video shoots for artists in California (in our network) and in DFW-Texas both as well as all the artists of Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 |Dhamaal Events USA by Hetal Nagaraj Dance & Hetal Nagaraj and her productions.

  • In 2020 when Hetal took over Reachh Mediaa & Hetal has over half a dozen artists signed up under special request-leadership of Hetal Nagaraj only at Reachh Mediaa Since 2013.

  • 31st Dec 2023 : Ms. Hetal is owner of 3 full set of digital commercial gears to enhance the quality and project delivery of her own specialities often used by team crew members.

  • 31st Dec 2023 - More than 115 Reachh Mediaa Photography & Videography Shoots were successfully delivered as requested to various clients under and with exclusively participation of Hetal Joshi M By the Grace Effects Team in various categories such as Non-Profit & Paid - Institutional, Commercial, Professional, Educational as well as Recreational.

    • Half a dozen commercial shoots exclusive to industry requirements were delivered with fully paid portfolios.

  • Our Shoot Events of Reachh Mediaa & Grace Effects by Our Teams are well documented here !​

Our entire staff specializes in commercial work & trainings (One Stop Shop) for The Grace Effects by hetalnagaraj for sports, advertisements, marketing & performing arts industries. The camera system/focus/technicalities is different than all that basic photography/videography. Commercial Event Services are NOW available for everybody.

Hiring on Project Based Work For :

  • Regular Photoshoot/Videoshoot Crew For Other Functions/Events/Non-Commerical Work for standard services.

  • Training, Cameras & everything is provided. Pay by experience.

  • Specialities in Photography and Videography are required! Click Here.

Teams - Ms. Hetal does it on her own. it is exclusively directed for all photographers or videographers +

Your Success is Our Success !!

When You Graduate From Us, Irrespective of Whether or Not You Work For Us - Make Us Proud!

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