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Official Invites, Our Vision For Texas All Star Talents & Sponsorship Details 2022

Event: May 29, 2022 | Sunday | Rehearsals Time: 2pm | Event Start Time: 3:30pm | Event End Time: 730pm

Presented, Director, Produced & Model Training 1 by: Hetal Joshi M – Dhamaal Events – Reachh Mediaa Since 2013.

Company: Grace And Grooves Group | Event Manager & Model Training 2 : Sam-Saumya Bhardwaj

•Gold Sponsors: 2500$
1.Brochures, Flyers & all Printed Materials.
2.Blog: with back link | average blog traffic in 6 countries 200K: It can be customized by Country ☺
3.Digital Advertisements: – Average of 10K insights & more than 20K views per post with business page back links or tags
4.Websites: Traffic of about 100K average.
5. E-mails – More than 80K of database: 2 emails blast – separate email.
6. 2 tickets free, print on certificate.
7. Front entry standing banners allowed.
8. Stage banners & standing banners allowed
9. Projector showcase
10.No other business allowed – in one category
11. Stage invites, welcome, regular announcements.
12. WhatsApp groups media blast with flyers.

• Silver Sponsors: 1500$
1.Digital Advertisements: Average of 10K insights & more than 20K views per post.
2.Website: Traffic of about 100K average.
3.Blog: With back link | average blog traffic in 6 countries 200K: It can be customized by Country ☺

4. E-mail blast on regular routine of company emails–Students Only 
5. Show brochure & Front lobby standing retractable banner.
6. 2 tickets free
7. Stage regular announcements.

• Bronze Sponsors: 1000$
1. Digital Advertisements – average of 10K insights & more than 20K views per post.
2. E-mail blast on regular routine of company emails– Students Only
3. Other businesses allowed – categories.
4. WhatsApp Flyers – logo
5. Retractable/Standing Banner front lobby
6. 2 tickets free
7. Stage announcement – 3 times. Start – Half – End.

•No Metal Sponsors: Digital Advertisements Only. (pardon our happy brain): 500$
1. Digital Advertisement Flyers Only – Average of 10K
insights & more than 20K views per post.
2. 2 tickets. One-time Stage Announcement
3. Retractable/Standing Banner front lobby

• Paper Sponsors: brochure only: 200$
1. All paper media only | Brochures – projector – one time 

Mission, Vision of Texas All Star Talents & Goal: 


  • Our goal for Texas All Star Talents is to provide a platform to all artists from all backgrounds to come on one ground and take advantage of our rich knowledge, transparent background of more than 38 years and more than 3 generations in all our specialties along with artist management. With our roots from actual industry from educational, institutional, professional and commercial fulfillment, we aim to look for talents of all kinds for various exciting projects that are best fit for each!

  • While most artists struggle to find a good stage for them in commercial as well as educational setup, this platform provides an amazing opportunity to all the talents to bring them to mainstream screen media and introduce them to various industry requirements. Ms. Joshi was once that mother who was looking for that stage for her own kids and herself as well when she started out in 2004 in the USA(Michigan, USA) along with her teacher’s daughter. She never found one of these stages anywhere and thus she created Texas All Star Talents welcoming all kinds of artists. 

  • First event of Texas All Star Talents started officially in 2014 as an All Star International name as competition for those who have received training from gifted artists where judges screened the skills and prepared the skill certificates and had them separate educational dance skills vs commercial dances. Finalists won several model work and paid assignments around dfw-Texas. In 2016, more than 30 artists enrolled for the product launch-fashion show that was in-built as part of Recital 2016 with full sponsorship of all costumes : Dance of Gods. More about acquisition of this partinership.

  • As the years went by, outside students demanded various other talents too & a model training was added as an official curriculum at Grace and Grooves under Hetal Joshi M's training modules and the first set of graduates released in 2021 in several categories and genres. More than 50 artists have taken advantage of this brand under Hetal Joshi M

  • With this in 2022, we officially started model training by genre and by various categories with such a wonderful response.

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