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Students from ALL styles are welcome to join without disturbing or changing their styles;as all our instructors have atleast a bachelors or masters degree in dance(some with bharatanatyam itself) where all styles are part of their syllabus, seperately. Let us know your style, we will work with you!

     Bharatanatyam Program Includes:
  • Kalakshetra Style of Bharatnatyam, Abhinaya, Natya Shashtra, Renowned Artists Copyrighted Choreography Dances.

  • Advance Bharatnatyam Dancers will learn notable Master Choreography of choreographers/dancers such as Smt.Rama Vaidyanathan, Smt.Priyadarshini Govind, Smt. Mallika Sarabhai, Lt.Smt.Rukmani Devi Arundale, Lt.Smt.Mrinalini Sarabai and many others apart from our own creativen dance pieces. You will learn to own all the dances that you dance including the ones that are inspired.

  • Creative and Fun Theme Bharatnatyam Dances in all languages unless otherwise requested.

  • Bharatnatyam dance choreography-works based on Indian Folk Dances, Semi-Classical(Bharatnatyam), Modern Variations of Bharathanatyam, Fusion of styles, Contemporary in all languages is included in university curriculums and thus will be taught once students are ready.

  • Bharatnatyam Class Levels : Click Here

  • Recitation of Jatis, Nattavangums, Basic Shlokas are part of curriculum.

  • For All General Policies and Guidelines : Click Here.

  • Intructor : Depending on location : Click Here.


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Exclusive Arangetram Packages - 972 979 2559

Bharatanatyam NEW Dance Class Schedule :                                                                About Our Instructors : Click Here.

  • Please call for details.

Virtual / In Person Location : Irving, Lewisville, Carrollton, Plano/Frisco/121 Independence, Frisco West, Mckinney, Arlington, Fortworth, Flowermound, Murphy, Dallas, Denton, Southlake-Keller, Richardson.

Kathak From Nov 2020 : Click Here.
Kalaripayattu, Chhau as Of 2019-2020 academic year.
Annual Registration : $50. | Fees Monthly / 4 Hours : 55$. | Fees Without Annual Registration : 70 $ / 4 hours.
Package Classes : 3months / 12 hours : 250$. (No Registration)
               Zelle : 972 979 2559 | Hetal Joshi | Grace And Grooves. PM us at 972 979 2559 for other details.
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