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What Are Bollywood, Bollyhop, and Tollywood Dance Lessons?

The terms Bollywood, Bollyhop, and Tollywood are becoming common around the world, but not everyone understands what they mean. Due to this lack of knowledge, many people who could benefit from these dance styles are missing out just because they are not aware of their existence or potential gains.

We feel it is time to remedy that. Here you will find explanations of these terms and dance styles that can help you see the value in participating in our classes.

Bollywood and Tollywood Dance Lessons

Bollywood is a sector of the Indian film industry that is based in Mumbai which was once Bombay. It produces films in the Hindi language and is therefore also referred to as the Hindi Cinema, though that nickname is becoming less popular. Tollywood is the term used for both the Telugu cinema and the Bengali cinema, which is based in Tolly Gunj.

Bollywood and Tollywood movies are rarely made without at least one dance sequence, and those sequences are typically a mixture of several Indian folk, classical, and world dance styles. They cover everything from belly dancing, contemporary, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, and many more types of dance.

Bollywood and Tollywood dance has become popular everywhere, and even stars like Shakira and American dance show competitions have used them. You can now learn these amazing dance styles, too, with our Tollywood and Bollywood dance lessons online.

Bollyhop Classes

Bollyhop dance includes all of the regular Bollywood styles with a twist: They include hip hop, as well. Many dancers enjoy Bollyhop because it allows them to learn traditional styles but also be free to express themselves with the freedom afforded by the hip hop style. If you are interested in this style, you can take Bollyhop classes online with us.

At Grace and Grooves, we love to train anyone who wants to learn from young children to adults. We provide Tollywood dance lessons and Bollywood dance lessons online, as well as Bollyhop classes online. Our Bollywood classes include drama training as Bollywood movie dances tell stories. Our classes give full, authentic lessons.

We also have Bharatanatyam classes, Indian folk dance classes, and fusion classes. No matter your age, dance level, or interest, we have classes for you.

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