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Marriage Packages with Family Members & Couple Dances :

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Hetal Nagaraj's Trainings & love for couple dances started in 2004 with her own lessons that she took with her husband Nagaraj to dance in parties and formal corporate events. In Dallas Fortworth-USA, she eventually took trainings at Arthur Murray(Plano, Texas) + Sundanga Dance Studio, Addison-Texas with Master Instructor-private lessons for the entire course: More Details Here.

 - Services are provided for all age group-couples, by genre, and by category and for all types of events : On-Stage, Mother-Son, Daughter-Father, Off-Stage/Events, Personal Events, , Educational, Commercial, or just spend time together with dance lessons..


Age Groups :

Ms. Hetal's oldest couple were 60 ad 57 years old who prepared dances for their kids' marriage party & welcoming first grand-child in family of their oldest son. Age is just a number :).

- Youngest couple : Teenagers preparing for a duet-competition at some latin freestyle event :).

- In her own productions, her couples come by to perform as a gift of token to Ms. Hetal. Some choreographies are so good that teenagers and advance students are also taught these, if its by genre.. Pics below!


Cities :

Couples from Dallas-Fortworth Areas of North Texas/USA, San Francisco-CA/USA, Los Angeles-CA/USA, Chicago-USA, Virgina-Washington DC, Katy-Texas, Kansas-USA, Austin-Texas, USA have visited to take her lessons, in various genres. 

- Provided services for 6 private albums/production houses for couples - commercial mainstream.

- Competition by genre for couples - most welcome - national level achieved.

Pricing : Custom. 

Fun Fact : Ms. Hetal had Bharatnatyam couple too who prepared a classical dance piece to welcome their guests in pure Bharatanatyam as they were Bharatanatyam dancers and wanted something for themselves with fundamentals :).

Sept 2022 & Ms. Hetal is teaching her 50th couple-marriage package and this one is in Folk, Navaratri Garba + Dance for marriage and self-education. Just for fun couples - therapy classes to do something together and spend special moments together to prepare dances for their anniversary and b'days.


While we post more pics from our archives, enjoy these :)....Work is always in progress.......

This count is exclusively under Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj as till date 2022 she is the only one. Hetal keeps company count seperate! 

** Each pic resembles a diff package for diff events within event such as engagement, sangeet, marriage, reception, anniversary party & such, about 5mins of work.
We thank all our couples who made an effort to perform in our company events as our invited guests or representing our company as a whole in other culture events. We also thank all our couples for sending their event pictures, it is lovely to see them! 
Much Love!

All clips will be uploaded on social media links. pics will be linked!

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