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Hetal Nagaraj's Artist Collaborations Outside Grace And Grooves LLC

1999 - 2013 :

The statistics(Esp. Indian Folk Dances List) :

No other choreography projects other than the listed (below) have happened in collaborations with ANY artist in entire USA or India for any fusion or any type of dance or choreography works.

An independent dancer/choreographer/freelancer and HAS NEVER worked for any other dance teacher/school or institution or even organization after 2004 (when she moved to US). 

Before 2004, the groups were all local to India or have no correlation with anybody in USA or anybody that is local to Dallas-Texas.

No skype or online lessons were given or taken for any dances during those times except to very close friends/relatives(India) or own trained students.

After commencement of company Grace And Grooves LLC when Grace Creations was formed:​​​

  • 2012/2013 : ​Fusion - October-2012, January-IANT 2013. 

    • Students were taking Ballet, Tap, Jazz classes from Coppell Dance Center (Now Prestige Performing Arts-Lewisville) and Ballet Academy of Texas(Coppell).

      • Instructors : Kim Zurlis, Amy Zurlis, Allison D'auteuil, Lisa Slangle. All techniques of Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Hip Hop were taught by them.

      • Fusion Choreography with Bollywood by Hetal Nagaraj. Song : Le Gayi (Dil To Pagal Hai Medley).

      • Some Students were trained gymnasts.


  • 2013​ : Fogana - National Level Gujarati Folk and Garba Competition.

    • Assisting under the strict supervision of Smt. Indu Mangrola. Jr and Sr. for practices.

    • Contribution towards the dances as in sequence of steps and Fogana Rules Knowledge.​

    • All Gujarati Folk-Garba and Creative Folk.


  • 2013-2014 : May/June : Competitions Won w/1st-place, 2nd place respectively :

    • Fusion : Tap + Jazz + Bharatnatyam : Student taking Tap, Jazz class from Coppell Dance Center and Ballet Academy of Texas(Coppell).

      • Instructors : Kim Zurlis, Amy Zurlis, Allison D'auteuil, Lisa Slangle. All techniques of Jazz, Tap, Ballet-moves taught by them.

    • Fusion Choreography of Bharatnatyam by Hetal Nagaraj. Song : Boogie Shoes + Bharatanatyam Beats.


  • 2013 : September : Fusion : Hip Hop + Jazz + Bollywood : Hetal Nagaraj.

    • Students were taking Jazz and HipHop classes from Coppell Dance Center(NOT Dana Studio of Dance But Prestige Performing Arts-Coppell/Lewisville) and Ballet Academy of Texas(Coppell) : Instructors : Kim Zurlis, Amy Zurlis, Keith Green, Allison D'auteuil, Lisa Slangle. All techniques of this work of Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop were taught by them.

    • Fusion Choreography in Bollywood Category by Hetal Nagaraj. Songs : Koi Ladki Hai + Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Tunes (Dil To Pagal Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai).

    • Represented my group as part of Dance Workshop Dance School-Lewisville, Texas as there was no designated category for these performances :)


  • 2013-2014 : ​March/April  : Fusion : Tap + Jazz + Indian Folk Dances. Instructors for Tap And Jazz : Kim Zurlis, Amy Zurlis.

    • Students were enrolled in Prestige Performing Arts (Former Coppell Dance Center-Coppell) for mastering competition level techniques in Jazz and Tap.

    • Song : Jai Ho-Remix + Background Music from Movie-Swades.

    • Choreography of Indian Folk Dances and fusion by Hetal Nagaraj.​

  • ​2018 August : RG2 Productions with Raagaleena Dance Academy(Irving, Texas) for bollywood dance productions. Successful Public Launch of RG2 Productions featured around 15 advance dancers in Flower mound, Texas in September 2018. Rg2 was dissolved in December 2018 due to unpredicted emergency travel dates of owner of academy. ​

  • Read More on Timelines and Collaborations.

1st Place - Fusion. Trained Tap, Bharatn
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