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Indian Folk Dances : 

 Indian Folk Dance Program Includes:
  • All Styles of Each Indian Folk Dance, Natya Shashtra & Abhinaya, Dance Dramas in Indian Folk Dances.

  • Copyrighted Choreography Dances of Renowned Artists.

  • Signature Real, Authentic & Creative Indian Folk Dances from 33+ years of trainings of Hetal Nagaraj will be taught as an exclusive. Fusion Indian Folk Dances are part of program. (No Bollywood!).

  • Signature Master Indian Folk Dances of Dancers and institutes from Darpana Academy of Performing Arts(Ahmedabad) to Shantiniketan(West Bengal-India) are all taught and included.

  • For All General Policies and Guidelines : Click Here.

Exams : Exams are not compulsory but we ask that you take them. Examinations by Instructor at Darpana Academy of Performing Arts and an pro-claimed international Bharatanatyam, Folk, Contemporary and Kalaripayattu artist. Instructor is a full time performing dance teacher at a reputed private school as well. Read About him, here.