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Theatres Of India & Drama

Instructors :

Hetal didi (MFA with Dance, includes theaters of india + practical exams) + Graduate of Dance Dramas Since 1997 | Theater/Theater Since 1995 from her own schools(for 12 years with atleast 2 annual programs per year & exams) + professionally trained seperately from age 4 under Ms. Daksha Joshi-University of Mumbai Fine Arts Graduate.

Manoj Sir : Darpana-Ahmedabad Graduate & Lead Dancer w/Darpana as well as with Hetal Nagaraj..

NEW Enrollments Open NOW to Until Jan 10th, 2021 | Schedule Posted Here | 972 979 2559

Other Video Glimpse Coming Soon !!!! Enjoy our Journey until now.

Theatres of India :
     Theatres of India Program Includes:
  • Natya Shashtra, Abhinaya/Navarasa, Renowned Artists Copyrighted Theatre Works, Theater Subjects and Applications.

  • Musicals, Dance Dramas as required, Dialogues, Script Writing, Makeup, Costume, Drama Sets and Drama/Theater/Theatre. 

  • Conceptual Scripts and Understanding of some of most famous dance dramas and ideas from Smt.Rama Vaidyanathan, Smt.Priyadarshini Govind, Smt. Mallika Sarabhai (Natrani), Lt.Smt.Mrinalini Sarabai (Natrani), Lt.Smt.Rukmani Devi Arundale, and many others apart from our own creative dance pieces as per Hetal Nagaraj's own experience and trainings. You will learn to own all the dramas that you perform.

  • Creative, Fun Themes, Age Appropriate & Gender Appropriate.

  • May include some dance techniques as required in theatres of India.

  • For All General Policies and Guidelines : Click Here.


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